business operations


Operations optimization: the role of SaaS software in SMEs

SaaS software solutions are a game changer for SMBs. They help companies with limited budgets gain access to professional-grade...

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10 main problems of SMEs that automation can solve

automation has emerged as a game-changer for small and medium-sized enterprises, offering solutions to key challenges that hinder their...

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Cultural change and new models of operations underpin operational excellence

If you look at companies that have been successful, in any industry, they have generally been able to do...

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Customer priorities have changed: innovation, rapid response and experience are imperative

The future belongs to companies that are purpose-driven, that are innovative and customer-centered. The issue is that it is...

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Build a plan for achieving operational excellence: study champions, set metrics, collect data, generate ideas, experiment, maintain alignment

It is important to not only track the changes that need to be made, but also the impact those...

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To excel in operations you need tools

It is important to keep abreast of the latest marketing and business trends so that staff are provided with...

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A common purpose underlies the organization’s operational excellence

When an organization's purpose is not clearly defined, focus can fail, and confusion and frustration arise among all involved....

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What is operational excellence? And how is it achieved?

It is about making sure that every process in the supply chain is as efficient and effective as possible...

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Performance marketing for real measurement of one’s potential

What is the Performance Marketing Approach? What are its goals? How is the way of doing business changing? Let's...

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