change management


Mastering the modern marketing game: a guide to understanding and engaging B2B buyers (who often decide before they talk to Sales)

proactively catering to the evolving preferences of B2B buyers is essential to outperform competitors. Complacency, especially in the face...

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A practical roadmap for SMEs’ digital transformation

Embracing digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity for SMEs aiming to thrive in the digital...

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Cultural change and new models of operations underpin operational excellence

If you look at companies that have been successful, in any industry, they have generally been able to do...

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Customer priorities have changed: innovation, rapid response and experience are imperative

The future belongs to companies that are purpose-driven, that are innovative and customer-centered. The issue is that it is...

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Build a plan for achieving operational excellence: study champions, set metrics, collect data, generate ideas, experiment, maintain alignment

It is important to not only track the changes that need to be made, but also the impact those...

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An SME digital transformation strategy for technology acquisition

It involves identifying areas of opportunity, such as customer experience, performance management or risk management, and then creating a...

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To excel in operations you need tools

It is important to keep abreast of the latest marketing and business trends so that staff are provided with...

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A common purpose underlies the organization’s operational excellence

When an organization's purpose is not clearly defined, focus can fail, and confusion and frustration arise among all involved....

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