digital transformation


Targeted investment in technology against a plan for change: strategy comes first

The key to operational excellence is understanding operational activities. You need to know what you do, how you do...

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An SME digital transformation strategy for technology acquisition

It involves identifying areas of opportunity, such as customer experience, performance management or risk management, and then creating a...

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A common purpose underlies the organization’s operational excellence

When an organization's purpose is not clearly defined, focus can fail, and confusion and frustration arise among all involved....

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What is operational excellence? And how is it achieved?

It is about making sure that every process in the supply chain is as efficient and effective as possible...

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Why You Need To Start An Online Presence For Your Business

In today’s digital landscape, it is crucial for small and medium businesses to have a strong online presence. With...

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Performance marketing for real measurement of one’s potential

What is the Performance Marketing Approach? What are its goals? How is the way of doing business changing? Let's...

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Promoting Digital Skills to meet the demands in the job market

Never as in recent years in the job market some professional figures struggle to be found. But what are...

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Digital Transformation for the SMB as a Transition to Greater Operational Security

Digital Transformation is not just a set of innovative technologies and processes, it is a well-defined mentality that involves...

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Improving User Experience for Optimized Results

What is the User Experience (UX)? Why is it becoming more and more important? Let's find out together how...

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