A practical roadmap for SMEs’ digital transformation

Embracing digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity for SMEs aiming to thrive in the digital...

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The importance of the roadmap for SMEs: how to achieve success through strategy, execution, and leadership

A comprehensive roadmap covering key steps from strategy to execution includes goals, challenges, risk mitigation plans, and the vital...

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Principles for achieving operational excellence: implementation of digital solutions and team involvement

You cannot build a great company on poor processes. If you are serious about making your company more efficient...

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Customer priorities have changed: innovation, rapid response and experience are imperative

The future belongs to companies that are purpose-driven, that are innovative and customer-centered. The issue is that it is...

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Build a plan for achieving operational excellence: study champions, set metrics, collect data, generate ideas, experiment, maintain alignment

It is important to not only track the changes that need to be made, but also the impact those...

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Targeted investment in technology against a plan for change: strategy comes first

The key to operational excellence is understanding operational activities. You need to know what you do, how you do...

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